What Do I Want My Home to Feel Like?
Ask yourself this: “What do I want my home to feel like when I walk into the door?” Do I want it to be a quiet oasis with soothing color palettes? This can be achieved by layering multiple patterns in fabrics and soft luscious carpets. The soft surfaces not only absorb irritating noise, but also insulate the interior space. What’s more soothing than kicking off your shoes and wiggling your toes in the soft carpet.

Decorate With Confidence
The dimensional elements have never been more important than today. Tactile, textural, subtle gradations, contrasting embroidery, hand-scraped or hand-polished wood: the surface speaks volumes to the human eye and human touch. The variety of offerings provide the look of a “one of a kind” product with affordable value.
Invest in Your Home
If your carpet needs replaced, don’t offer buyers an allowance. Do it yourself before you show the property. You’ll reap the rewards in selling price and in fewer days on the market.
More Than Color
Have a color in mind? Pair it with different types of construction to see the effect. The luster and softness of the fiber affects the look of the color. Get a luxurious, suede look with really soft fibers, or a more dimensional color and casual look with longer, textured yarns.